5 Effective Methods You Can Instantly Use To Capture Your Audience's Attention Using Video

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With more than a billion videos videos available online and decreasing human attention span, every second of your video counts - especially when the viewer starts to watch.


In today’s blog, we share with you 5 Effective Methods You Can Instantly Use To Capture Your Audience's Attention Using Video


Method #1: The Problem & Solution

Identify the problem, and then address the problem with a Solution - which is your product!

This method will help you form the backbone story of your video.


Method #2: Promise Them A Reward

Let your target audience know that, should they watch on, they will get some form of reward.


This reward can be in the form of an upcoming offer if they stay on, or perhaps revealing certain tips or unannounced features that are going to be launched.


Using this method, we can sum it up with 2 key words - Creating Mystery & Excitement.


Method #3: Include Eye-Catching Texts

Considering that a huge number of videos we watch online are using our smartphones, and sometimes even muted, adding eye catching texts on screen in your videos is a sure way to help you capture attention!

Use texts that bring out emotion, touches their heart, and arouses their imagination.


#4: Deliver Your Hook

Introducing to you the Hook - the first 3 seconds of your video.


Today, information moves very fast, and the moment you lose your audience’s attention, it’s gone.

That’s why its important that you choose a marketing agency that specialises in the crafting of marketing messages (not just to carry out production for you).


To successfully deliver your hook, you will need to bring your main point across as to why they are staying to watch your video.

This can be done as quickly as possible using questions that arouse curiosity and interest, provide fun and uncommonly known facts, or even using attractive visuals and effects.


#5: Create Unique Content that Stands Out

Creating unique content that stands out need not be difficult.


However, we also cannot deny that it may take a little while for you to kickstart your mind’s creative engine if you’re not used to creating content on a very regular basis.


And this is one of the reasons why it is important to either hire an in-house marketer with vast experience in this area, or perhaps to go with a more cost-friendly & quick start method to hire a Marketing Agency.


It will save you time and hassle, which can be used for other important work. Having an agency would also mean you have access to a variety of tried-and-tested marketing methods at your disposal without delay.

At the end, it really is about how you craft your marketing message that makes you stand out, and not so much of the execution of a beautiful video - though a high-quality video is still important for brand image - that sets you apart.

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