TWO Simple But Powerful Key Touch Points: Where To Display Your Food Images For Effective Sales Results.

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Did you know that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than texts?

In fact - 90% of information transmitted to our brain is in visual form.

It is no wonder that F&B companies are constantly investing in beautiful images of their food for marketing – because Visuals Simply Sell!


Where you place your food visuals, are equally if not more important.

As the saying goes Location, Location, Location…
The same goes for the placement of the photos about your food.

So in this exclusive e-booklet, you’ll soon discover the 2 key touch points where you can display your food images to help you achieve effective sales results.

Touch Point #1: Where You Capture Their

Assuming you have already taken your professional-looking food photos, let’s take a walk through how your customers perceive your brand, or your food at the initial stage of the buying process.

The Process of Capturing their Attention

Whether in the context of a physical shopping mall or online, your targeted customer would usually start their customer journey by seeing information in the form of words or images, that appeals to them, before they start taking action toward it.

This action could be walking to the retail storefront’s menu stand, or simply clicking through an online link to a website.

By this time, there are generally 2 things they can do.

They can go off because the information serves them no interest…


They can stay to enquire more.

So here’s introducing the First Touch Point: Your Advertisement.

At the first touch point, it is important to understand that impression sells, not quite exactly your product, yet.

Now you might ask… why so?

You see, the purpose of placing your professional food photos at this first touch point is simply to engage and influence your target customers to take action toward your brand or storefront.

And if you think about the competition in the market, there are so many types of products. Why would people come to your online or offline store?

They may not even know your brand, or it could only be the very first time they’re hearing about you.

Makes sense?

And this is the reason why at this first touch point, it is so important to sell impression. The photos you use help to build your brand identity, and creates a professional impression that attracts and pulls your customers in.

By the way, it’s worth noting that adding good quality photos to your page guarantees to boost sales by 30%.

After they’re pulled in… we move on to the second touch point.

Touch Point #2: Where They Decide To Actually Say... YES, I’ll Buy

Now that you have successfully drawn them toward you, here’s an interesting analysis revealed about the food ordering process, which will lead you to your second touch point.

The Food Ordering Process

When ordering your food, you would go through the menu and focus mostly on the visuals, to get an understanding of what’s in it for you.

Next, you’d decide on the dish that is most appetising (or visually so) to you at that very moment… and then you make your decision coupled with the description provided.

Introducing… the Second Touch Point: Your Food Menu.

Your food menu is more than just a menu. It is a sales letter.

Many restaurants and F&B companies take their menu, put up some dish names, and that’s it.

However, it is important to note that your food menu, is more than just a menu. It is another opportunity, a platform for you to showcase your food products and make them say YES even before trying it!

Here at the second touch point, your product is all important.

It should cause them to salivate, desire, and want more.

This can easily be achieved with images such as this (below).




< insert delicious stunning looking food photo >



BONUS Section: Here Are 7 Marketing Tips You Need To Know…

#1 - Emotion are the basis of a customer purchase.

#2 - Good quality photos of your customer & encourage purchase.

#3 - Good quality photos promote brand & helps people .

#4 - Good quality photos remove any doubts .

#5 - : Items with images net to them have an average .

#6 - A customer is more likely to order from an online store or mobile app that displays a menu with photos of every dish.

#7 - Good quality photos make you stand out from competition.

#8 - Online photo-based menus have an increase in conversion rates by 25%, compared to text menus



Including photos that are memorable on your advertisements and food menus can help you generate consumer traffic and create loyalty.

We believe this e-booklet will empower you to take the first step, or perhaps delve further into visual marketing using powerful food photos today.

Taking Your Brand To The Next Level: Achieving Proven Marketing Results

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