Transcription Service Singapore

Welcome to Quinoa Media Singapore! Where transcribing your audio files into texts is never simpler.

What is a Transcription Service?

A Transcription Service is the translation of spoken language into written form, usually from an audio file or other related sources.

Saves You Valuable Time & Money - At an Affordable Cost.

Time is money, and sometimes, you may have some audio files that were recorded because you didn’t have sufficient time to type it all out. Other times, it could be a verbal communication or meeting with your counter part.


Either way, it may not make any sense for you to sit down and convert the entire audio file into script by yourself, when you can focus on other productive work.

Now Here Are Some Common Types of Content We Translate For You.

  • Healthcare: Audio recordings by Physicians & Healthcare Professionals

  • Legal: Court Hearings & Other Legal Journeys for Judicial Administration

  • Appraisers i.e. In Real Estate

  • Word Processing Proposals for Architects

  • Educational: Lectures, Audio Recordings and Studying Reference Notes, E-Learning Platforms

  • Sales: Presentations & Pitches for Direct Conversion To Print/Mail

  • Speeches

  • Surveys

  • General Admin Documents


Common Languages Include:

  • English

  • Mandarin

  • Bahasa Melayu

  • Tamil

Transcribe Swiftly With Little To No Effort Today.