Food Photography

With numerous food photos featured on The Straits TimesU-Weekly SPH Magazine, Michelin Star Restaurant Webpages & Press Release, Out-Of-Home (OOH) Media under UOL Group shopping mall, and more...


Rest fully assured while we take care of your food photos for you. Our one-stop food photo solution designed to give you a quick and easy way to achieve professional results for your brand.


For a limited time only, we're also giving away free food photo preparation guide for you, so you can effortlessly achieve the results you need today!


*Actual Shot for Michelin Star Restaurant used for Advertising Campaigns, including Official Press Release.

We're also honoured to have our food images used by both International and Local brands for Social Media, Omni-Marketing Campaigns, Out-Of-Home (OOH) Advertising, Shopping Mall, Press Release, Countless Websites, and more.

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Great Ways To Use

You can use food photography in any of the below ways, proven to effectively help you improve your business visibility and increase sales! They are:


✓ Printed Food Menus

✓ News Releases

✓ Print Blow Ups for your Retail Store

✓ Online Food Menus

✓ Catalogs

✓ Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, and more)

✓ Landing Pages

✓ Websites

✓ Digital Banners

✓ Food Product Packaging

✓ OOH Advertising

✓ Brochures & Flyers

✓ Newsletters

✓ Email Marketing

✓ Other marketing campaigns!

What You Will Get:
Food Stylist
✓ Food Photographer
✓ Studio Equipment
✓ Photo Shoot
✓ Image Retouching
✓ Fast Delivery
Exceptional Detail: To Showcase The Best Of Your Food
Stand out from the crowd online, or print it as huge as you want.
White Background & FMCG Product Shots
Our Photos Have Also Been Used For...
Social Media, Omni-Marketing Campaigns, Out-Of-Home (OOH) Advertising, Shopping Mall, Press Release, Countless Websites, and more.
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Paris Baguette1.jpg
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And many more...
Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire professional?

✓ Get proven experienced results fast: From shooting for Michelin Star restaurant, press release, advertising, and more, we have come to learn what would and would not work. Simply get results quality and fast.

✓ Food turns soggy fast: You do not have to deal with the food preparation and effort in trying to complete your shoot in a hurry, and simply sit back and reply on our expertise.

✓ Lighting requires experience: Lighting is something that needs experience to shape & style in order to produce professionally-looking photos. Lighting equipment can also be very expensive, and cheap lighting can be a waste of your time because of the poorer light quality. Here at Quinoa Media, ALL our photography and lighting equipment as in-house! And therefore we are able to you powerful industry standard lighting without ant additional costs at all.

✓ Get the correct angle: The correct angle matters regardless of equipment you have.

✓ Save time: Save time from doing it in-house. There's truly a lot of work involved, and not just display the dish and snap a photo using a smartphone. When you engage us, you'll see why, and how we do it so ever seamlessly for you! So you can focus your time on other important things.

Are props included?

Props are included! Regardless of genre or style, our full inventory of props will serve you well with all that you need!

Do I need my own location?

Food shoots are usually shot on-site at your place. It doesn't matter how your place looks like, so long as we have an estimate of 1.5m by 1.5m space, we can work some magic out for you!

Alternatively, you can shoot at our kitchen studio, or non-kitchen studio.

Our kitchen studio allows you or your chef to come down and prepare the dishes, cook, and wash everything on-site. It's a full and proper kitchen delightful for all food companies and chefs to use!

Get Your Stunning Food Photos & Attract More Customers Today!