Virtual Live Events & Live Streaming Productions

Host your events online and continue reaching a larger audience.

With live streaming stations, talents, dedicated programmes and more, simply reach out to us & have your virtual event planned and filmed live for you!

Our Live Streaming includes:

- Hosting

- Emcees

- Live Support

- Live Q&A

- Multi-Camera Support

- and more!

- Virtual Live Events

- Zoom Conferences

- Virtual AGM

- Panel Discussions

- Webinars & Workshops

- Green/Blue Screen

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Why Quinoa Media for your Live Streaming needs?

Live streaming studio Singapore.jpeg
Live Streaming Video.jpeg
Green Screen Video Singapore.jpeg

With studio rental & meeting rooms available, sit back and relax while we provide a hassle-free experience for you!

You can also include a green screen for a customised backdrop.

Engaging us is easy, because we handle all the management, technical aspects, and equipment costs for you.

Need high-speed WiFi & LAN, experienced Emcees & Talents? We have that covered for you!

Enquire For Your Next Live Streaming & Virtual Events Today.