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What We Really Do: Your One-Stop Solution for Marketing & Production Services

At our core, we truly believe that having the right content, delivered to the right people, is the key for companies to generate successful results.

It is the reason why we do what we do today: One-Stop Content Marketing & Production Services.

How Quinoa Media Started

Quinoa Media Singapore started as a production house which offered media (photo & video) production services.


The idea was to provide companies with the tools & digital media they need, to help bring their message across as effectively as possible.

Overtime, we found that our clients wanted more than just media production.

They wanted concepts, sales letters & scripts, and other creative & marketing support services, to compete and win in the increasingly competitive digital world.


Many clients knew they wanted to do up some visuals, but find that coming up with the ideas were not so direct, and requires much time & effort to come up with, and to pull it off.

Expansion of Services to include Marketing

It was then when we saw a need to include marketing services, to help companies come up with creative information and content in a short amount of time, fast.


Marketing services, such as Marketing Automation to help build the structure and spine of marketing systems were also offered, and companies could now easily remain scalable with the efforts & investments already poured into their generated content.

Other marketing services we provide includes Copywriting, Content Creation, Google Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising as well, with more to come.


And because we are marketing & production one-stop, our rate of content creation can easily be HALFED as compared to regular agencies out-sourcing production work.

Till date, we have helped companies produce content that generated over 57.1x in monthly revenue and outperform more than 2 times better than the industry average.

As a transformed agency with tangible results produced, we identify, market & produce your marketing requirements all at one-stop, to ensure a hassle-free process & support your advertising/marketing success in the long run.


Meanwhile, for any requirement you may access this page to submit an enquiry.

We'll see you real soon,

The Quinoa Media Team


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