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3 Actionable Ways to Achieve Top of Mind Awareness

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

#1. Create Brand Awareness

To be top of mind, your brand first needs to be known by people - Brand Awareness.

In order to let people be aware of your brand, you must have an idea of what you want your brand to represent, and establish a defining attribute about your brand, it's values, and the purpose for which it exists.

The more clarity you have at this stage, determines how effectively you are able to keep your brand at the top of your customer's mind. One of the reasons being, with more clarity, it is easier for your customers to remember you as the solution to their pain point.

Now, brand awareness can be created with content marketing (putting up massive loads of visuals and helpful content to qualify and attract your kind of customers), carrying out outreach, providing exceptional customer services, and establishing a reputation for quality goods/products.

#2. Create Brand Recall Campaigns

After you have created brand awareness, you may find that it is simply not sufficient in bringing you a steady stream of customers. This is because awareness alone isn't enough. Creating awareness alone is akin to saying hello, but not following up with the building of friendship. Soon enough, you will be long forgotten.

So how to remedy this? The key is to create brand recall campaigns.

Now brand recall means consistently and relentlessly building up your brand with creativity.

By carrying out brand recall campaigns, you are now able to effectively keep in touch with your customers and have them remember you at the top, if not at the back, of their minds.

This way, when they encounter a problem that you can solve, you'd very likely be the first one they'll ring!

#3. Create a Memorable Experience at Every Touch Point

Brands that are known and recalled are usually the ones that deliver a memorable experience each time the customer interacts with the brand.

Always utilise, and never downplay, each and every touch point you have with your customer.

For such memorable interactions can help lead your customers into an easy buying decision to choose you over your competitors.

With memoral experiences, your customers are far more likely to be satisfied dealing with you.

With satisfied customers, you can simply expected more positive word of mouth, reviews, and referrals to come, that will further grow and propel your brand forward in the long run.

With these being said...

Here at Quinoa Media Singapore, we take pride in helping our clients create and establish their brand to their customer.

With full in-house capability to carry out marketing management and production of your media assets all at one place, we provide you with speed and hassle-free experience for your brand.

Get in touch for a free non-obligatory quote here.

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