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Discover: What is a marketing offer?

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

A marketing offer is commonly referred to as a free product or service of value that you give in exchange for people to complete a call to action.

The offer need not be costly, but it must encompass the value which people can easily relate to so that it will drive them to take action.

Apart from offering monetary waiver, you may consider offering other forms of content that are more information-rich. This can be in the form of an e-book, a podcast or even exclusive membership that provides information on the services and product you have at no cost to your potential leads.

What isn’t an offer?

What is NOT an offer? Often in time, many of the things that marketers consider to be marketing offers, may turn out to not be offers at all. To further clarify, an offer is something of value that is given to website visitors upon completion of a form or a call to action.

Hence, it will make sense to include things that will trigger their interest and to leave their curiosity for information behind.

But there are times when certain things are included for the sake of inclusion, despite it not contributing to your lead generation or lead nurturing initiatives.

Here are some examples of a non-marketing offer:

  • Contact Us - While it can be considered as part of a lead enquiry form, this will not bring in leads as effectively as true offers will. Remember to center your form in offering value adding content so it will play a key role in persuading them to give you information.

  • Product-Focused Content - From brochures to product videos, these are some of the things that should be made freely accessible instead of being gated behind a form.

  • Case Study Example - Just like product-focused content, consumer case studies should not be made an exclusive content that can only be obtained through filling up a form.

Why Do You Need A Marketing Offer?

Now that you have understood what a marketing offer is and what is not, it’s time to understand why you should incorporate marketing offers into your existing business strategy.

Reason #1: Entices Your Customers To Give You Their Information

In this day and age, where many easily succumb to online theft, most people have become wary when it comes to sharing their information.

Unless the matter is of utmost importance, they aren’t going to fill out a form revealing their information just because you want them to.

Therefore, the perceived value of your intended marketing offer will directly impact the outcome of whether the people are willing to share the information with you.

Reason #2: Opportunity to portray yourself as a reliable brand

Being able to deliver on the promised value will give the impression that your brand is trustable and reliable. It will convince them to return to your site to continue learning more about your business.

It is an opportunity to start building trust in your brand.

Reason #3: Understanding your potential customers

By pairing offers with a Call-To-Action will allow you to build profiles of leads that help in marketing to them more effectively. Through collating the lead profiles, you can now determine where their interests lie and create curated content targeted at them.

With these tips, you can start applying them to help your business create more engaging offers.

On a side note, if you are looking to incorporate offers but do not yet have a marketing management system or an experienced team in place to help you get started, we’re here to help.

With proven workflows, we are able to create compelling offers, monitor and push trending content to the relevant platforms on a consistent basis, saving you time and money for other important work.

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