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The 4-Step Checklist You Need To Know for Effective Social Media Marketing

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

At a technological driven age where everything advances so rapidly, it is inevitable that social media marketing remains an integral part of every business strategy in order to maximize the reach to potential customers.

Regardless of the size of your business, social media can provide immense benefits in helping to gain awareness and building customer relationships.

However, many companies struggle with how to gauge their success through their social media marketing efforts.

So to help, here is a 4-Step Checklist You Need To Know for Effective Social Media Marketing.

Step #1: Conduct a Digital Audit

Before formulating more plans to drive the company forward, consider taking a quick look at your social media efforts to understand the current positioning.

This will help paint a clearer picture of the situation and allow you to come up with measures to react accordingly.

A few areas to consider when conducting digital audit are:

  1. Which social media tools are you most active on?

  2. Are the tools you use in congruent with where your target audience hangs out?

  3. Are the tools optimized with sufficient background information?

  4. What is the number of followers like?

  5. How do your profiles compare to that of your competitors?

  6. What is your level of posts engagement between your business and the customers

Following which, you are more likely to have an idea of your business’s influence within the digital presence itself and this will prompt for further discovery of new opportunities to help improve your current strategy.

Step #2: Re-assess The Needs Of Your Target Audience & The Relevancy Of Your Message.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of social media marketing, it is necessary to have your target audience identified and determined carefully.

Therefore, it is advisable to get as specific as possible to understand which social media tools to use.

Even the most flawless social media plan will fail when marketing to the wrong audience.

As such, we'd like to share a few pointers for you to cycle through, which can help you to come up with a highly focused buying persona:

  • Age

  • Location

  • Income

  • Preferred social media platforms

  • Articulated/Unarticulated needs that you business maybe able to solve

Trying to see things from your target audience's perspective and working your way through will also better communicate with them and help you achieve more desirable results.

Step #3: Establish An Action Plan & Implement

Establishing the goal and intention before any social media marketing plan is also an essential key to create an effective social media marketing.

By setting out the goals first, this allows you to have a clearer picture of the whole marketing efforts and thus, measuring its success.

To guide through the planning of your action plan, you can follow what is known as The SMART Framework - which could be referred to as Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

Below are also some qualitative and quantitative metrics to look out for that helps in measuring the success of your social campaign:

You’ll also want to ensure your action plan is followed and adjusted as needed to achieve the following qualitative/quantitative outcomes:

  • Increase in Brand Awareness

  • Increase in Generate Leads and Sales

  • Growth in Your Customer/Audience Base

  • Increase in Customer Conversion Rates

  • Increase in Web Traffic

Step #4: Analyze And Learn From The Data, Then ‘Rinse & Repeat’.

Relevant information in our modern world keeps evolving, so it is important to adapt, stay relevant and keep updated on current affairs.

Today, the average attention span of a person is short, hence it is worth noting that the content must be engaging and able to resonate well with the target audience

Apart from ensuring that your content aligns with your goal and brand identity, remember to keep it consistent throughout as a slightly different approach may cause confusion in brand identity instead.

Last but not least, remember to keep monitoring and analyzing the result.

Many of the businesses have may overlook this step in place of saving time, and this has affected their opportunity cost and impacted how they could possibly respond or push out new and relevant content to their market.

From the statistics, you are also then able to derive useful business insights, telling you i.e. which marketing vehicles are working and which ones are not, and these insights can more than ever help you make better decisions in pushing your business forward.

Wrapping Up

Social media marketing may consume more effort but the benefits are difficult to ignore.

If done right, relationships can be forged globally as social media helps bring your target audience closer to you, maximizing your reach at a reduced effort.

Through the tools, you are also able to gain valuable information like what your audience thinks about your brand and marketing effort. If your content has been constantly shared, liked, and receiving good responses, you are definitely on the right track.

Remember to constantly apply the 7 step checklist to fine-tune your strategy until you achieve a winning strategy.

Need To Save Time & Costs?

Now, if you’re looking to incorporate your business with social media marketing, and want to take it to the next level at an affordable cost compared to doing it yourself, we’re here to help.

Simply book your FREE 30-min consultation or submit an enquiry form with us here today.

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