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Why Some Of Your Ads Convert, While Some Others Don’t

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

As frustrating as it may sound, there are always moments when your ad campaigns generate lots of clicks and traffic, but not conversions. You have sourced and even incorporated some of the best suggestions from experts, only to realize that it boils down to a futile effort.

Through our years of marketing experience, let us share with you some insights as to why some ads convert and why some don't.

Reason #1: Inaccurate Ad Targeting

The fundamental challenge to the start of any campaign is to target the right audience within the right context.

This helps to establish the direction of your campaign and also reach your audience in the moment where they need you the most, increasing the effectiveness of your message.

However, it is not always straightforward to pinpoint exactly where and how your ads may have gone wrong.

To help you identify the problem, let us look at the three most common factors leading to inaccurate ad targeting:

  1. Targeting The Wrong Audience Group

  2. Targeting the Right Audience With The Wrong Message

  3. Irrelevant Ad Copy and/or Visuals

By looking into the above factors, it gives an idea of your current ad's effectiveness and where to perform the necessary rectifications as needed.

Hereafter, if you still feel that you are not garnering the responses you desire, you may want to consider re-assessing and re-developing your ideal buyer’s persona.

This helps you dictate clearer insights as to whom you are selling to, and lets you curate the campaign in a way that is more likely to resonate with your target audiences, increasing the likelihood of conversion rates.

Reason #2: Unoptimized Landing Page

A landing page plays a vital role in the customer’s journey as it helps to capture customer data, while giving an offer in return.

This is an enormous factor in whether or not your site will experience conversions after you run your ads.

Without an optimized landing page, even the most attractive ads may not help you drive effective conversion rates.

In general, an optimised landing page should have the following characteristics:

Here are a few ways that your post-click experience may be killing your conversions:

  1. Accessibility - In terms of the placement of relevant ad copy and callout placements.

  2. User-friendliness - The ease at which they can navigate your landing page for information.

  3. Loading times - The responsiveness of your landing page needed before it loads up completely.

Therefore, it’s important to conduct thorough checks on your landing page to identify any potential faults, helping you work out a smoother customer journey from beginning to end.

Reason #3: Inconsistent Messaging Within Your Customer Journey

As campaign load increases, some businesses may struggle in creating a consistent messaging that aligns from the start to the end of their customer’s journey.

Simply put, from the time your prospect/customer sees your brand, he or she must have a journey that logically and emotionally aligns with what they are looking for.

Doing this can help you to increase conversion rates through means of reducing bounce off rates.

Reason #4: Consider Changing To A More Compelling Offer

Now, despite all the efforts and precautions taken, people still may not buy or sign up for your products and services.

What else could have gone wrong?

One of the main reasons is: It could be a strong indicator that your marketing offer may not be clear or strong enough to attract and garner the audience’s attention.

In this case, you can start by re-assessing your current offers, and brainstorm internally within your team to find out how else you can better entice and speak to your target audience going forward.

Looking To Create Ads That Help Drive Conversion?

Now, despite all the efforts made, sometimes your prospects still may not buy.

In this case, it is always best to approach an expert who is proficient in this topic to assist you with your current state of marketing efforts and funnels, so that you can quickly bounce back into action and start generating the revenue you deserve.

Sometimes, people think of saving resources by not outsourcing. However, this could prove really costly for the business owner or the organisation when using precious time trying to figure things out on their own.

This is also the reason why here at Quinoa Media Singapore, we provide your clients like you with a free 30-min consultation, to help you get started. It is non-obligatory, and if keen you can sign up for free by using the enquiry form over here.

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