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Winning Tips For Your Digital Transformation Plan

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

In the ever-changing competitive landscape, it is no longer a question of whether to incorporate digital transformation strategies into your business but more on how you should go about implementing them.

Our current world is dominated by the tremendous amount of data created through the internet and every second poses a potential threat and new contenders may emerge from within, eventually crippling your business if you are unable to grasp the trends well.

Therefore, it is crucial to act fast and adapt to the flow to consistently stay relevant to your customers.

What is digital transformation?

“Digital transformation is the implementation of modern technology into all areas of a business.”

It goes far beyond than just adopting technology into your work processes, and it is about leveraging technology across the entire organization and how to work hand-in-hand to achieve a faster workflow, a smoother process and a more efficient system overall.

To implement a change of this massive scale is no easy feat. For some businesses, it may even take years for a full-scale transformation.

Today, let us shed some light on a few essential tips to aid in the success of your organization's digital transformation plan.

Tip #1: Laying Out The Expectations From Digital Transformation

Digital transformation should always begin with a problem statement, a goal in mind, or an expectation of what you desire to achieve.

Understanding the ‘why’ is crucial and this can revolve around improving customer experience; increasing productivity; or elevating profitability.

By having strategies such as creating deeper connections with your customers, it can further enhance their experience in the process, which in turn helps to boost sales, which should be your primary focus.

With today’s technology, communication has never been easier and businesses should take advantage of this reduced barrier to create more relevant ways to engage with customers and deliver exceptional services along the customer’s journey, as well as to re-evaluate their current position to have a better understanding of their positioning, their goals and how to achieve them.

Tip #2: Start Instilling A Digitalised Culture

To properly facilitate a transformation of an organization, this culture of digital innovation must start from the top down.

As an organization comprises of people from various backgrounds and age groups, there are bound to have people with conservation views with regards to the adaptation of technology, having a strong resistance to change.

For smaller organisations, this may not be an issue, however for larger organisations on the other hand, this may in turn slow down the overall transformation process, resulting in a further delay to the adaptation period since it would require some time to educate the staff on the revamped workflow.

Therefore it is important to put effective reminders in place and for the entire organisation to be aligned with the company's strategic vision in going digital, instilling a digitalised culture.

Tip #3: Finding The Right Fit To Spearhead The Change

To initiate changes on such a massive scale, it is important to put the right person in charge to ensure relevant changes are in place.

Therefore, it will be inadequate to simply hire just a tech-savvy consultant, for it will be way too time-consuming by the time this person completes the analysis and finishes devising a plan.

Not only does the ideal candidate have to be highly experienced, but preferably have a proven track record of leading businesses through a digital transformation.

That way, you will have somebody you can entrust the future of the company with, and also share valuable inputs on how to tide through this ever-changing digital world that is full of uncertainties.

Tip #4: Filling in the Knowledge Gaps

Because of the nature of fast-changing technology, digital transformation unfortunately is not a one-off implementation.

It is also the reason why filling in knowledge gaps when it comes to digital information is absolutely crucial in our world today.

Start investing also in training and education, for it's an indispensable process for continual growth for your company.

Once everyone has the fundamentals and know-hows, you are then able to initiate further process-improving technologies to broaden your scale of transformation and let the ‘new’ digital system support and take your company to greater heights.

Key Takeaways:

The whole process of digital transformation may seem overwhelming on the first look, but when done right, it secures a long-term advantage over your competitors, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition for the long run.

Therefore, it is important to come together as an organization to place proper strategy in place, emphasising communication about the change and tiding through the challenges as a whole.

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