Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Harness the power of PPC Advertising on online platforms including Google, Facebook and more to effortlessly generate traffic and leads, increase customer engagement, and easily grow your customer base in a short amount of time!

With modern technology, it has become so much simpler to place your ad in front of your desired customers.

Target Ready Buyers, Fast.

PPC Advertising allows you to target your customers when they are close to the point of purchase.

Now you might ask, why so?

Let's Take Google's Search Engine For Example.

Imagine, if you have a damaged pipe in your toilet which caused a non-stop flood. You now need a solution fast, and do not have a plumber's contact number.


With access to Google Search, what would you do?


That's right, you'd probably search for 'Toilet Plumber Singapore', 'Emergency Plumbing Singapore', or something of that sort.


Because when you toilet is flooding, you really do need your problem to be resolved fast!


And it is also because of this that your customer's purchasing journey are shortened significant, allowing for quicker purchases to take place.

PPC Adverting with Quinoa Media Singapor

Get Free Brand Exposure: You Only Pay When Your Customer Clicks.

PPC Advertising Quinoa Media Singapore.j

With PPC Advertising, you pay only when your customer clicks on your advertisment.

This means that if your customer sees your ad but doesn't click - it's literally free & targeted exposure for your brand!

What's more, because you're paying for ad space, you could control your bidding and determine whether you want to appear #1 on the search engine, or not.


Platforms like Google will prioritise you over other organic content, blog posts and non-paid listings simply because you're paying them.

It is no wonder that businesses appreciate PPC Advertising!

Get Found Immediately.

With the world wide visibility of the internet, traffic is nearly everywhere.


You can even narrow your selection of target audience and effortlessly place your ad in front of your desired customers without overspending.

What does this mean for you?

You are now able to get instant traffic & be found immediately, without the need to manually filter out your audience one by one.

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Why Quinoa Media For Your PPC Advertising Campaigns?


Reliability & Transparency In Account Management

Full transparency in management of your ad account. Freely access your account anytime and get real-time updates on the go.


Concise & Detailed Reporting: Stay On Top Of Things

Get frequent detailed reports so you can stay on top of things, swiftly respond & determine your next direction.


Clear Pricing Structure, No Hidden Costs

With clear pricings made known at the start, you can know what to expect and are able to budget more efficiently.

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Dedicated PPC Ad Specialists: Prompt Service Response

Have a dedicated ad specialist assigned to your account to provide prompt response to your queries & keep things in check for you.


Ad Monitoring & Split Testing

Have your ads watched over by us for constant campaign testing, conversion tracking, metric improvement, updating bid strategy, lowering cost of acquisition, and hassle-free account adjustments.

Harness PPC Advertising & Tap Into The Abundant Online Traffic Today!