Subtitling & Caption Services

Professional subtitling at highly precise and accurate timing, suitable for all kinds of subtitle projects and uses.


You can also opt for both open & closed subtitles/captions to be done for you.

Subtitling With Adherence To High Standards

Generally, subtitles are designed for viewers who can hear but do not understand the spoken language, and captions are made for viewers who are unable to hear the audio in the video.


With our in-house produced media content officially broadcasted on Channel News Asia & Mediacorp Channel 5, you know that our subtitling workflows require a strict level of standard before it is delivered to you.

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"Word for word"

We’re also able to provide you with verbatim or intelligent verbatim subtitles on request. Regardless of whichever niche you're in, the relevant contextual understanding can be interpreted for you.


This means your subtitles will be done in exactly the same words as were used originally! 

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Translation in Multiple / Foreign Languages

If you ever need your subtitles to be translated into different languages for output and distribution purposes, we can even provide you with native speakers of foreign languages, to ensure consistency in cultural understanding.

Our Simple 3-Step Creation Process

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Subtitling Formats

Some Subtitle Formats Include...




























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