3 Simple Reasons Why Your F&B Business Needs Professional Looking Food Photos

Food Photo Blog by Quinoa media

Photos can deliver messages that may be difficult to express or put into words in a short amount of time.

It can explain the meaning of your brand and engage your customers

immediately, helping you attract more traffic and increase your revenue.

Restaurants and F&B company owners have to manage strong competition in the market today,

and because of this having a powerful brand identity becomes an essential factor determining success.

We understand it’s not enough just to offer tasty food, and in this blog you’ll discover the 3 simple reasons why your business needs professional food photography in order to help boost your business today.

Reason #1: Professional Photos Creates A Professional Brand Identity

Food photo blog by quiinoa media singapo

Professional food photos provides you with so much more opportunity to tell your brand story.


Whether it’s a vibrant or a vintage look you’re going for, your customers get

the exact feeling of what they’re in for, when they choose to buy from or dine with you.

Having proper image composition, creative lighting expertise, and styling works wonders.

Usually, these results are performed by an experienced food photographer, who will also be able

to help you choose the right colours, mood, and angles ensuring your content stays attractive & up to

date with the latest trends, and impress your customers by showing them exactly what they look forward to seeing.

#2: Quality Food Photos Help Generate More Revenue For You

Without a doubt, we all know that just like a well-renovated

interior design of a café, quality photos simply get more attention.


With more attention, you get more traffic, which means more sales.

Imagine, having an image with a well-written

copy, printed on a poster placed at your storefront.

It literally becomes your permanent sales person,

helping you to draw people near, to flip your menu!

This can be especially impactful when you feature your most

profitable & popular dishes, and it works the same for online storefronts.

#3: Let Your Photos Stand Out & Do The Talking For


food photo blog by quinoa media singapor

Actually, did you know that only 10% of the information people read are remembered?

Interestingly, when you add a photo...


That number rises to 65%!

It is also why when it comes to advertisements, online social media

platforms and menus, marketers use images to do the talking for their brands.

Plus, because we’re all in a digital world today, these days people are so used to looking at

images that so they can easily recognize what a professional and do-it-yourself photo looks like.

So, go with a professional to help you stand out from your competitors.

Then, you might ask…

But what’s the difference between doing it myself, and hiring a professional?

Well, doing it yourself can have benefits such as cost-effectiveness.

Depending on the photographers' experience, quality control will also be a factor.


Having a professional on the other hand to do it for you, saves you the sweat, time, and money

because you’re able to put better use of your time for other important work to grow your business.


You’ll also get a much more professional brand image FAST - in an expedited span of time.

However, we must mention one thing – and that is the photographer you hire MUST be a food photographer.


If the photographer you speaking with has little to no experience or portfolio

in food photography, it might probably be best to put your money somewhere else.

Now, with all being said...


Professional food photo shoots are certainly an investment, but the results are well worth the money

and effort because people respond strongly to powerful visuals that connects and represents their lifestyles.

P.S. An example of how photos can do the talking for you, can be found here.