Ideal Customer Profile - Why You Need One

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Today, we're going to talk about an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and Why You Need One.

What is an ICP?

An ICP is an imaginary customer, that has all of the attributes and qualities that would make them the perfect fit for the solutions your company provides.

Say you are targeting customers who have purchasing power to buy your goods/services.


You have done your research, and have concluded that your ideal customer is Alice.

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#1: It Allows You To Concentrate Your Marketing Resources, For Greater Growth & Efficiency.

As an example, you can then define your ICP as follows:

  • This is Alice;

  • Alice enjoys Weekly Shopping;

  • She is currently Single, Employed, and is in her 30s;

  • She works at the Central Business District;

  • And Holds a Director-Level Job Position

  • Has a Salary Range of $12,000 to $15,000

  • Etc...

The main idea is to help you better understand your target customers.


Now you might ask...


Why List Down These Attributes, and Spend Time Coming Up With An ICP?

Well here're 2 Key Reasons.

An ICP is useful primarily for sales and marketing, to effectively target the right kind of customers.


One of the ways it also benefits you is that it allows you to quickly identify your prospect's buying stage, so as to concentrate your marketing resources to the right people, at the right place, and at the right time.

Prospects who are ready to buy can be pushed into sales-driven campaigns, or passed on to sales for closing.


While prospects who are not so ready to buy can be placed in nurturing and re-marketing campaigns.

#2: It Provides Clarity That Trickles Down The Entire Organisation, Which Can Increase Customer Satisfaction.

It also provides clarity and clear direction, which trickles down to the entire company when clearly communicated.


This creates an overall streamlined thought process amongst all employees within the company, enabling the company to function in a more unified manner in achieving a common goal.

As a result, employees can also understand and experience a more purpose-driven work, while customers can enjoy an increased likelihood of satisfaction and resonance with the company.

With that being said,

Taking the time required to define your ICP is well worth effort now, because it can truly pay off in the long run when you're working with customers who greatly fit the products or solutions you provide.

If you do not yet have an ICP, then it would only be to your great interest that you start creating one!

If you're looking to get started with defining your ICP, or perhaps to re-define & narrow down on your existing ICP, we're always here to help.

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